for nearly a decade, greta nelson has worked with women + girls in myriad capacities; she brings this kaleidoscope of skill, experience, + energy to active voice. she is a graduate of duke university's integrative health coaching program + holds a master's degree in english education from columbia university teachers college. in addition, she is a practicing educator, writing clinician, + e-ryt 500 certified yoga instructor. greta synchronizes expertise with passion to be a guide, an advocate, + a sister in support to each + every one of her clients.

Greta Nelson, MA, IHC


in her voice: greta's story
seven years ago i became an english teacher; just one year later, i added the title “yoga instructor” to my identity. in that time, i’ve received another counterintuitive kind of education through my work as “educator” of girls + women.

as a writer + a teacher of writing, i’ve witnessed the profound power of words in shaping wellbeing on mental, emotional, social, + physical levels. similarly, my passion for movement as a yogi + a runner + my commitment to cultivating interpersonal connection have proven to me, time + time again, that a person’s happiness + health can be transformed through practices that do not have a place in our dominant disease-based medical model.

until duke integrative medicine.

through my training here, i discovered how to activate my own vision. in many ways, my own professional + personal journey up to this point has seen me seeking a role through which to share this simple magic; in integrative health coaching, i have found my life-work.