a crucial dimension of the transformation of healthcare, Integrative Health Coaching (IHC) is an emerging behavioral intervention proven to improve outcomes in chronic disease management + prevention. the goal of IHC is to be a complement to traditional healthcare providers, reinforcing + enhancing the effectiveness of health + wellness recommendations.


Integrative Health Coaching can address any area of your life, at any age, any stage.


movement, exercise + rest

how you live in + experience your physical body; includes examining + consciously reshaping body language + movement lifestyle, creating + modifying exercise practices + routines + establishing nourishing rest + sleep habits to amplify your energy



how your fuel your body + mind; includes exploring your unique complex relationship with food, navigating challenges with weight + body image, tackling emotional eating struggles + designing + implementing habits for health-driven nourishment that fuels your fullest life


relationships & communication

how you connect, with others + with yourself; includes creating + nurturing strong relationships by setting boundaries, by practicing effective communication + authentic expression + by cultivating community for optimal social health


physical environment

how you design your spaces of home, work + play; includes examining the impact of these settings on your sense of wellbeing, exploring how mindfully changing your surroundings can benefit your health + designing + implementing modifications to enhance the safety, functionality + beauty of a given environment for this purpose


personal + professional development

how you continue to learn + grow; includes cultivating new skills, reaching for goals + taking on meaningful, sometimes daunting adventures or challenges to feed into your sense of purpose + create the stimulation necessary to thrive


mind-body connection

how you manage + enhance the way in which your body + mind shape + are shaped by one another; includes developing + engaging in mindfulness practices, strengthening your awareness of this connection + using this awareness to identify + address your authentic needs + desires



how you incorporate faith into your world; includes exploring, reframing + reawakening the role that belief, in any form, plays in providing clarity, strength + comfort, in realigning + reinforcing your personal values + supporting + even inspiring, health transformation



when we begin working together, here is what you can expect our relationship + progress to look like. throughout every step of the process, we will use tools such as guided meditation, journaling/expressive writing, discussion & inquiry-based exercises, brainstorming, role-playing, etc. to achieve a positive transformation.  

activating + achieving lasting change isn't just a matter of deciding on a “happily ever after” resolution to your story. instead, transformation requires charting a dynamic story arc of action + then doing the work–it's a process, not a prescription.

as an integrative health coach, i first partner with women + girls to help them define their personal values, design a vision for their optimal health that is tailored to those values, + align their realities with their hopes. second, together they create a detailed map for this journey. last, i help them take action to achieve their health goals.  

1. vision: creating your optimal health vision

2. values: identifying the values that guide your actions + give your purpose

3. current health: exploring + evaluating your present emotional & physical wellbeing

4. focus: choosing an area to bring your attention + intention to in your health coaching sessions

5. 3-6 month goal + weekly action step: selecting + articulating a smart goal in this area that is specific,  measurable, action-oriented, realistic

6. preparation: identifying possible obstacles toward achieving your goal + putting measures in place to set yourself up for success 

7. activation: putting your plan into practice, using the support + accountability available to you with me

8. maintenance: sustaining your forward moment through on-going self-reflection + reevaluation as well as regular check-ins with me



in our sessions, we will work together to plan small, precise “verb-steps” that we'll then sharpen + clarify together after exploring your uniquely busy days + the inevitable challenges that are bound to arise. going slowly, implementing change one solution at a time, enables you to move from a sense of overwhelm + frustration to sustainable, measurable progress in attaining your goals. there are many ways we can work together, which i have outlined below! choose the package that works best for you. 

+ activate

work through every phase of the health coaching process with greta by your side. start off with a mindfulness practice/visioning exercise, then work towards an assessment of your personal healthy inventory, + walk away with an action plan based on the goals set during the session. your active voice personal health workbook will keep you on track after the session is over. 

  • single 90-minute session
  • free guided meditation 
  • free active voice: personal health visioning + activation workbook

investment: $150

+ reset + sustain

in this signature three month program, you will not only be able to hit the reset button but also learn how to sustain your new wellness lifestyle. work with greta to design the life you want to live through mindfulness practice, on-going goal setting, behavior change implementation + unlimited accountability throughout the program. 

  • 12 sessions over 12 weeks
  • week 1 includes a 60-minute introductory call. weeks 2- 12 include 1 45-minute call per week
  • free guided meditation 
  • free active voice: personal health visioning + activation workbook
  • free “body language” assessment/private yoga session (optional)
  • free 4-day Pennebaker "write to heal" course with coack feedback

  investment: $850

+ accelerate

can't wait to make the changes in your life? the accelerated program puts your wellness on the fast track with 14 sessions over the span of 7 weeks. 

  • 14 sessions over 7 weeks
  • week 1 includes a 60-minute introductory call. weeks 2- 12 include 1 45-minute call per week
  • free guided meditation 
  • free active voice: personal health visioning + activation workbook
  • free “body language” assessment/private yoga session (optional)
  • free 4-day Pennebaker "write to heal" course with coack feedback

 investment: $1000


6-week health coaching workshop

  • begins with a 45 minute introductory 1:1 session in which greta + client meet (in person or remotely) to discuss current health (physical, mental, emotional) + vision for health-wellness + corresponding goals
  • weekly 30-minute 1:1 (in-person or remote) individual coaching sessions (total of 6 1:1 sessions, including introductory session)
  • on-going support via email, text, phone throughout the program
  • weekly group coaching meetings (6 sessions total)—> blend of coaching exercises, discussion, mindfulness, goal-setting, yoga + writing (90 mins)
  • access to a valuable online community providing with resources, encouragement + accountability

investment: $600

active voice’s Integrative Health Coaching (IHC) empowers you to make lasting health behavior changes through which to define + design your own lifelong wellbeing. put another way, the practice actively “bridges the gap between medical recommendations + your abilities to successfully implement those recommendations into your complex life.”

would you like to learn more? to schedule a free 30-minute introductory session, please write me a note on my "contact" page.