"Completing the first Active Voice assignment was an emotionally taxing task, coaxing me past the thick, black line that marked the edge of my comfort zone. I felt like I had stepped out from under a warm blanket into the cold, biting air. Greta, however, was the warmth that pushed me to continue with the Active Voice program; the warmth of her advice, her guidance, and her insight coaxed strength from within me that, over years of suffering personal difficulty, I had forgotten I possessed. My words poured onto the pages in response to her carefully crafted prompts. My hands cramped from the urgency with which I wrote, the freedom I felt I was granted by responding to questions that touched a part of my soul I had blocked off with the very words I was now writing down. Yes, I faltered during this process. But when I did, I was guided forward by Greta’s passion for the craft of writing and gift for supporting others. Greta’s Active Voice program is one that will open your soul to the words that you fear, yet are pleading for release. After Greta’s Active Voice program, I have finally stepped into the long-awaited role of heroine of my own story, fearless and proud."
- Sarah, Princeton, NJ

"Greta and I crossed paths at an incredibly pivotal point in my life. I was wrestling with a myriad of physical and emotional health issues. My initial anxieties about health coaching were quickly eased by Greta's kind-heartedness, commitment, and overwhelming compassion for my well being. She found a way to empathize with me about my physical and emotional health problems without judgment or condescendence. The balance of planning and counseling during sessions helped me to reach my ultimate goals of management and acceptance. Health coaching has not only helped me to solve daily problems, but it has also equipped me with a set of tools to manage the challenges I may face in my future."
- Elizabeth, Pennington, NJ

"My experience with Greta as a health coach can be summed up in one word: awesome. Her warm and welcoming personality and her down to earth way of creating thoughtful conversation helped me to pull out the awesomeness hiding within me. From my time with Greta, I was able to further strengthen my confidence when facing day to day interactions with friends and colleagues and develop worthwhile relationships with new people that come into my life. We usually went for a run, a passion near and dear to both of our hearts, and used running as a foundation for each session. From my time with Greta as a coach, I feel extremely prepared to use what I already possess within to help bring more awesomeness into the world."
- P.K., Robbinsville, NJ