each of us is writing our self— our unique story, + the rest of our life—every day— with every thought, in every action.

language shapes reality, + reality is shaped, in turn by that language.

language is an important tool in changing the way you think about yourself.

a deep respect for this fact roots my work as a coach + as a writing clinician.

because the story you tell yourself about your world + your place in it is not just recalling your past or translating your present, but also determining your future.

if you can pause + examine at your story in an honest, curious way without criticizing it, or blindly celebrating, this narrative provides the raw material for valuable self-examination. furthermore, when you write freely + reflectively, you open up to connecting to yourself in a way that you don’t typically give yourself permission to.

we as women are often so disempowered by our own stories. but if you can reflect on what you’ve done alongside what you’ve been subjected to + life’s circumstances, you are bound to find some relief. then, + only then, can you put yourself in the driver’s seat + decide where to go from here.

Active Voice Living’s “re-vision” is a healing expressive writing program throughout which i, a trained writing clinician + teacher, will guide + support you every step of the way. writing in a wide range of forms will help you develop the invaluable skills of self-inquiry, problem-solving, + articulate communication, + these will, in turn, equip you to create healthier relationships with yourself + with those most important to you.

gain a depth of authentic self-understanding + sense of expanded personal potential.

activate your voice.



+ re-frame

4-day Pennebaker writing program

this program, has become a signature of all expressive writing study, + provides a powerful introduction to the practice of writing to heal + transform. 

write your way through a scientifically designed systematic sequence of four short daily assignments. throughout this email-based program you will complete post-writing reflections after each session, + share your insights with greta, who will provide thoughtful, thought-provoking feedback upon their submission. days 1-4 will be followed by a one-on-one call or in-person session in which you + greta will discuss your experience + determine how your learnings might inform your present + future health + happiness.

  • four days of writing prompts
  • daily email feedback + support
  • one 45 minute 1:1 coaching call

FREE with an integrative health coaching package

or as a stand-alone

Investment:  $175


5-week series package

experience an immersion in wellness writing with this in-depth, multifaceted one-on-one coaching program.

write your way through a scientifically designed, systematic sequence of daily assignments. each week’s writing will focus on a unique health-provoking approach.

week one: expressive writing

week two:  transactional writing

week three: poetic writing

week four: affirmative writing

week five: legacy writing

weekly, you’ll receive a collection of daily assignments. after your daily writing practice,  you’ll complete a post-writing survey to capture your feelings about + reflections on that day’s writing.  then, at the close of each week, you + greta will connect for a one-on-one call or in-person session in which, together, you will discuss your experience. here, you will process + explore what your writing is revealing to + inspiring in you, + collaboratively will determine how your learnings might inform your present + future health + happiness.

  • five weeks of writing prompts + guidance
  • email feedback + support
  • once-weekly 45 minute 1:1 coaching call

Investment:  $600


 “re-vision” meets integrative health coaching package

you will work through four different writing forms as you cultivate greater self- knowledge, self-acceptance, + self-confidence. through this work, writers will be given the tools to excavate, explore, + make meaning of their life experiences past + present as a way of empowering them to write the story of their own future.

Language shapes life. Whether on the page, the stage, the screen, the field, the floor, the street, or the canvas, we are writing ourselves + the rest of our lives every day. There’s no doubt, then, that language is perhaps one of the fiercest tools that one can wield; in this work, we choose to use the tool for healing + for empowerment.A deep respect for this fact roots my work + propels its purpose. Based on the groundbreaking research + work of Dr. James Pennebaker + Dr. John Evans, Greta Nelson’s Active Voice “re-vision writing program” is a transformative practice through which clients gain a depth of authentic self-understanding, an enhanced experience of physical + emotional health, + an expanded sense of personal potential.

Revise your story + re-vision yourself.

combine Active Voice Living’s “re-vision”, a powerful immersion in wellness writing, with integrative health coaching to amplify + deepen your commitment to your practice for optimal whole-person health!

this multifaceted one-on-one program helps you hone the skill of expressive writing while providing guidance + support that channels the insights generated from that practice in to direct health behavior change.

you’ll receive all of the materials + services of the “re-vision” package complemented by integrative health coaching.

  • five weeks of writing prompts + guidance
  • TWICE-weekly 45 minute 1:1 coaching calls (total of 10 sessions)
  • email feedback + support
  • FREE active voice: personal health visioning + activation workbook
  • FREE introductory 30-minute call/session with greta

Investment:  $1000